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Performing Arts Combo Class

Our ever popular two hour performing arts combo classes for 6 year olds to 17. In the two hour period, the groups rotate and the children experience theatre warm-ups, a drama class, a creative dance class and finish back together with vocal training and singing. It is an exciting way for children to channel their creative energy through a variety of performing arts activities and also encourages children to appreciate the abilities of their peers.

Wednesday Musical Theatre

An auditioned class for those who just love Musical Theatre! In this class, students will study singing, acting, dance and musical theatre history across the term. Lessons will build a number of performance skills, within the context of musical theatre themes. You must be at least 13 for this class. If you would like your child to be considered for Wednesday Musical Theatre, please email rachel@artsagogo.co.nz. A short audition will be necessary.


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Introduction to Arts a Go Go! For 4 to 6 year Olds

This hour long Saturday morning class takes elements of the two hour combo class and is designed specifically for 4 and 5 year olds. Parents are welcome to stay, or even join in, as their children are introduced to dance, drama and singing.

Bubbles for 3 year olds (a new class, subject to enrolments)

Bubbles - an effervescent performing arts class designed especially for 3 year olds!

The class is a delightful mix of:
Creative Dance
Drama &


After School Drama

One hour classes after school for 6 year olds to teenagers, focusing on drama and acting. Senior students with a particular interest and talent in acting, may have the opportunity to be invited into the 90 minute Advanced Drama Class. Fun and exciting learning opportunities will take place in physicality, voice, script-work, story-telling, role-playing, mime, improvisation and more. The class helps the children develop acting techniques, confidence and a willingness to take risks.


Irish Dancing for 5 year olds to teens (grouped according to experience)

Irish Dancing is an energetic style of dance where students will learn, and experience enjoyment through traditional Irish steps. Irish Dancing teaches self discipline, improves coordination as students master the intricate movements, increases fitness and builds self-confidence in a positive environment. Students will also come to appreciate the lively rhythms of Irish Dancing music. The classes will focus on both Step Dancing (solo dancing) and Ceili Dancing (team dancing), progressing the dancers from beginner steps such as the Light Jig and Easy Reel through to more complicated steps such as the Slip Jig, Hornpipe and Hard Shoe dancing. Students may have the opportunity to enter competitions. Dancers perform in Arts a Go Go! shows and are often asked to perform at public events.

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Small Group Singing Lessons for 9-16 year olds

Learn to sing, explore vocal techniques, build confidence and enjoy music in this weekly class. Maximum of 8 students in this class.

Singing Extension Classes for Term 2 HVPACS Competition Preparation - please enquire.


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Little Mozarts Pre-School Music Class

Songs, Instruments, Rhythmic Activity, Movement, Listening, Musical Stories, Creativity. Run by a fully qualified music teacher. Small classes for babies to 3 year olds. 


Creative Writers

Creative Writers  is an 8 week course for those students who love writing. It is a course for creating stories, and understanding how we tell them through a range of forms, including short stories, speeches and scripts. Students will be supported through exploration that will help them learn how to write what they know, as well as what they don't know and can only imagine. Exercises included look to develop student skills in: creating characters; building worlds and settings; writing and understanding different points of view; building plots and exploring themes; crafting dialogue; creating conflict; the drafting, editing and rewriting process; understanding writing rules then breaking them; beginnings, middles, ends, and understanding script act structures; how to write within genres; how to write persuasively, writing with heart; and how to build your own writing toolset and release the writer within you. 

PLEASE NOTE: This course will run subject to numbers.

This course is run by Dr. Hannah McKenzie Doornebosch, who has a PhD and MA in creative writing at the International Institute of Modern Letters, and a BA in Theatre and Film at Victoria University of Wellington. Hannah also has years of experience writing both creatively for the stage and screen, as well as corporately for government departments and ministers. Hannah's scripts have won multiple awards in New Zealand and been showcased overseas. She has also written a number of end of year scripts for schools around the country, and for the drama and combo classes at Arts a Go Go!, where she also teaches drama. 


Stage Shows

Arts a Go Go! writes and stages a high quality, inclusive theatre show in November each year for those in the 6 year old classes and above.  Children who are in the Intro class will do their own more introductory production at The Spot at the end of term 4.

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Dancing classes

What is creative dance?

There are many different forms of dance today, from hip-hop and jazz, to ballet and Ceroc. Creative dance differs from other dance forms in that it does not have a specific set of moves or techniques. It is inclusive of all styles of dance, though tends toward contemporary dance, and also invents new ones. It explores the general language of dance and this dance vocabulary is introduced to students through a variety of fun and exciting activities to draw movement and choreography out of them, alongside teaching dance moves to them. The student learns how to be a choreographer. Using locomotor and non-locomotor movement, students will explore the elements of dance – body awareness, space, time and energy and relationships. It is suitable for all body sizes and shapes, boys and girls. It gives students another way of expressing themselves and challenges them to be imaginative, creative, spontaneous and flexible. Skills such as problem-solving, communication and co-operation are learnt and extended through creative dance. It allows freedom of expression and helps children find their own style without fear of criticism. The choreography skills the students learn in these lessons can be applied to any style of dance and hence also complement other dance classes.

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What happens in drama?

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In this class, the process of drama is the main focus for terms 1 and 2, and then in term 3, rehearsals begin for the fabulous end of show. Students will make sense of themselves and the world around them by having learning opportunities in such areas as movement, voice, script-work, story-telling, role-playing, mime and improvisation. Drama techniques are explored including voice projection, trust, listening and characterisation, while at the same time students build up a knowledge of theatrical terms. The class helps the children develop confidence and a willingness to take risks. Lifetime lessons will be learned that will help them in both classroom and social situations. For selected SENIOR students, we run an "Advanced Drama" class on Wednesday evenings. In this class, students learn more advanced acting techniques, learn more about theatre, explore and work from more mature scripts, develop their script writing and have opportunities to learn acting for screen and film. All drama classes will be designed to, at times, take students out of their comfort zones, and stretch their acting into genres that they may not be used to. And of course, our drama classes are always a lot of fun!

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Why vocal exercises and singing?

This part of the combo session, and small group singing class, enables the children to enjoy singing together. It encourages them to explore their singing voice and learn basic techniques such as breath control, diction and dynamics in order to increase their singing and broader vocal ability. Students may have opportunities throughout the year to sing in public and can also audition to be part of the Extension Competition Class where they attend an extra weekly class to specifically train for the "Hutt Valley Performing Arts Competitions Society" formal singing competitions. 

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